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Kıbrıs İlim University - Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Management

Number of Year 4
Education Language English
Number of Student 700
Number of Foreign Student 250
Certification Toefl
Yearly Payment 5200$
TSC Yearly Payment 2600$

Our department focuses on educating the operators who produce difference creative solutions that address the current problems and structural features of business and economic life. In this context, our students; training is provided to be individuals who have an analytical approach, who have scientific information and information technologies and who have the competence to continue their key management activities successfully for all sectors; Thanks to the equipment they received during their training, it is aimed to be employed in international companies.

To graduate a student from MANAGEMENT program,

  • GPA of at least 2.00 out of 4.00
  • To achieve all compulsory courses in the curriculum
  • To achieve all the other work envisaged in the program
  • Graduation must be decided by the related Board of Directors.

Extra Consulting Services

Residence Operations
Home/Dormitory Operations
Notary Translation and Equivalence Procedures
Turkish Course
YÖS Course
English Course