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Biruni University - Pharmacy Faculty Pharmacy

Number of Year 4
Education Language Turkish
Number of Student 6500
Number of Foreign Student 130
Certification Tömer
Yearly Payment 15000$
TSC Yearly Payment 12000$

Pharmacists are the indispensable healthcare professionals of the society, who play an important role in the use of pharmaceutical products and raise awareness in the field of health, provide education, ensure the correct use of the drug, and develop and develop drugs.

As a Pharmacy faculty established on the roof of a large health campus, the Pharmacy Faculty of Biruni University is an eight-year pharmacist with an innovative Pharmacy education that complies with international quality standards. The aim of the course is to educate graduates who will contribute to the development of the patient and the health care.

Our training program will train pharmacists who will work in pharmacy, hospital, pharmaceutical industry, governmental institutions, academia and independent research institutions with the foundation of pharmacy, basic pharmacy and applied pharmaceutical sciences.Our main objective is to train the most demanded pharmacists with new interdisciplinary programs and special equipment for pharmaceutical and pharmacy applications and to be at the top of the education and research rankings among Pharmacy faculties in our country.

You will find a hospital environment where you can do clinical Pharmacy practice at Biruni University Pharmacy faculty, internship and study abroad, as well as professional research opportunities where you will develop your creative ideas.

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